Our Outsourcing service solutions combine our expertise in the provision of cutting edge human resources solutions with almost a decade of servicing several industries. We partner with organisations in the provision of employment ready candidates who have gone through rigorous employability skills training and are prepared to settle in their work, this allows organisations focus on developing their core business.
Recognizing the critical role of an organisation’s people as a tool for competitive positioning within the industry, at Stronix Consults Limited, we have simplified the processes involved with the management of outsourced staff through the use our highly parameterized HR software.
Over the years, we have developed capacity to provide outsourced staff in the following areas:

• Relationship Managers .

• Bank Tellers.

• Treasury executives.

• Customer Service Executives/managers.

• Direct Sales Agents.

• Admin Executives.

• Secretary

• Switchboard Operators/Contact Centre Consultants

• IT Executives(Professionals)

• Human Resource professionals

• Engineers

• Drivers

• Dispatch Riders

• Marketers

Do you need our service, send an email to: outsourcing@stronixconsults.com

Do you want to join our pool, send an email to :jobs@stronixconsults.com,or info@stronixconsults.com