About Us

Scl Business IDEA Incubator and Accelerator was established in 2008 to leverage information technologies and other strategic business models to bring about an explosive change in the business world.
We are supporting a new generation of Nigerian and International digital and non digital entrepreneurs to develop strategic and highly robust innovative solutions and business models that make businesses and commerce more effective and efficient provide solutions to help reduce poverty and unemployment.

Our Approach

Community: The HUB serves as the meeting point for stakeholders to meet, brain-storm, share ideas and collaborate. This is achieved through knowledge partnership events, meet-ups, focus groups, workshops, and talks from guest speakers.
 The focus of our community initiatives includes:

  • Connect people together
  • Provide a shared context
  • Enable dialogue
  • Introduce collaborative processes
  • Stimulate learning
  • Capture and diffuse new knowledge
  • Help people organise around purposeful actions

Open Living Lab: the HUB serves as an open innovation ecosystems in which user-driven innovation is fully integrated.Our model includes end-user participation from an early stage of creative process of technology development. Through partnership between citizens, social entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, businesses and public authorities, the HUB allows prototype testing of best ideas.
This model benefits citizens, government, entrepreneurs and research;

  • It empowers citizens, as end-users, to influence the development of innovation services and products that eventually could benefit the whole society
  • It allows government, industry and entrepreneurs to develop, validate and integrate new ideas through partnerships that increase their chances of success.
  • The living lab facilitates the integration of technological innovation in society and increase return on investments in relevant research.