The Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS) is a capacity building initiative to equip unemployed graduates and employed but unengaged graduates with commercially useful skills and experiences that would enhance their employment opportunities.

Program Description:Graduate Employability Management Certification Program (GEMCP)

The main thrust of GEMCP is to enhance graduate employability with the aim to reduce talent shortages in the key areas of economy. It will equip fresh unemployed graduates as well as employed unengaged graduates with skills required by industries. The scheme covers areas like Career Planning; Guidance and Counselling, Time management, Communication skills, Exceptional service, Core sector courses and many more.
GEMCP has been revived to be more sector focused and demand driven.

Sectors Covered under the Graduate Employability Management Scheme

  • * Oil & Gas
  • * Shared / Support Services
  • * Bio-technology
  • * Telecommunication
  • * SMEs
  • * ICT
  • * Electrical & Electronics
  • * Hospitality / Tourism
  • * FMCG (Fast Moving - Consumer Goods)
  • * Energy Sector
  • * Hospitality / Tourism
  • * Manufacturing
  • * Real Estate
  • * Insurance
  • * Banking and Finance
  • * Pharmaceutical
  • * Medical
  • * Education
  • * Entertainment
  • * Politics and Governance.
  • * Aviation sector etc .

Benefits to Employers ?

  • * Access to diversified talent pool.
  • * Government support on training.
  • * Access to readily trained entry-level pool of talent with required skill sets needed in respective sectors, developed in collaboration with relevant industries.

Training Methodology:

The training methodology will include intensive classroom lectures, role-plays, games, activities, presentations, discussions, case studies with continuous evaluation and real time feedback.
Entry Requirements:
A degree from an approved university or Polytechnic: local or International degree minimum 2:2 (honours),HND ;an acceptable professional qualification.

• At least two years’ relevant postgraduate work experience for graduates working but need a change of job.

• Proficiency in English - a 6.5 score on IELTS test of English, 580 in written TOEFL, 240 in computer-based TOEFL or 94 or better in the internet based TOEFL are needed from non-native speakers. Under exceptional circumstances alternative evidence demonstrating proficiency in English may be considered

Duration of Program: 2 Weeks (intensive lectures)
Course Hours:
4 hours every Tuesdays and Thursdays and 4 hours every Saturdays for weekend students

Program Assessment:
The Personal Development module requires you to develop a portfolio to demonstrate your attainment of the required learning outcomes. In addition, there are three assessments that will provide you with the opportunity to apply your learning to problem situations (real and simulated) necessitating the development of recommendations based on an understanding of the context and basic principles.

We recommend an average of 10-12 hours study time per week for this programme.

No exemptions are allowed for this programme.

Study Materials and Support:
Access hard copies of your learning materials and important information, such as assessment instructions, whenever and wherever you are.

Tutor support
Tutors use live chats and forums to stimulate discussions outside classroom lectures, request input and highlight external sources.

External resources
Links to external sources can include key journal articles, online library, sites of topical interest, etc.

Discussion with other students
Forums allow students to come together, share thoughts and ideas and you can initiate topics that you want to discuss with your fellow students.

Target number of students in each class:
25 students

How to Apply: In addition to a completed application form:
* Copies of your relevant certificates and/or transcripts
* Two suitable references. Please note we can only accept academic and/or professional work references.
* Copy of your CV detailing your work history (if employed).

Where you can work after training:
* Telecom companies like MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat Etc
* Internet Service Providers
* Bank Call centres and other departments
* Customer Service centres and other departments of FMCG & Large Conglomerates.
* Oil and Gas organisations.
* Aviation companies
* Real estate companies
* Top Hotels
* Healthcare organisations.